H-1B and l-1 increase ASIS in Accordance with Public Law 111 230


President Obama , signed into law by public law 110-230. Where the law allows the L1 and H-1B visa cost increases. According to public law 110-230 $ 2000 of certain United States H-1B visa application fee and a fee of $ 2250 on certain L 1A and submitted to the visas have L-1B petitioner in addition to the existing application fees. Postmark or after Aug 14 2010 these H-1B and L1 visa applications will be the extra costs. Valid until September 30 to increase the level and H-1B visa fee is applicable to these petitioners, its workforce more than 50% of H-1B and L-1 General.

As an effort to comply with public law 110-230 United States citizenship and immigration services (United States), is to modify the form I-129, apply for non-immigrant work tasks. These people apply for H-1B, L-1A and L-1B visa petitions are obliged to include additional costs. Apply new and additional expenses of the United States requires that the evidence provided by the petitioner or contains the same reason. If additional fees are required for a notation, in bold capital letters in the top of the cover letter.

In case with the initial form submission did not provide any such files, the United States may issue evidence of request (RFE). This is to ensure that the petition by the common law. If uncertainty remains, the United States still may require a RFE even if the evidence provided by the petitioner. The new fees will be an additional fee, in addition to the existing United States competitiveness and 1998 (ACWIA) fee fraud detection, employee improvement Act premium processing fees and handling fees. United States citizenship and immigration to its stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition.

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